About Brian Grayum

I have always enjoyed writing, as I have felt it makes me come alive to some extent. Most of my writing though took place in journals, with minimal structure and minimal editing. The first time I blogged was my online memorial for my father after his passing in 2016, as it impacted me deeply; and I found that I could share his story to all who were connected to him from my computer in my room. That was a profound moment for me.

This blog has been a place of healing and growth for me, as I have had to truly develop a core understanding and awareness of resilience. I believe that the more we look at ourselves in the here and now, we can find insight into who we truly are. Likewise, as we look back; I believe that we will find in ourselves a deep level of  resilience and character that we may have never thought we were capable of.

Some of my writings include topics such as: self development, minimalism, trail running, purpose, meaning, contentment, and any other ideas that I find myself uncovering or wrestling with through this journey of life.